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In the Media

Waiting for Dignity: Legitimacy and Authority in Afghanistan, 11 March 2024, swisspeace Talk Series

„Zur Intervention. Afghanistan und die Folgen“, 30 October 2023, Andruck – Das Magazin für Politische Literatur, Deutschlandfunk

Between the Lines podcast: The Routledge Handbook of Smuggling, 25 May 2022, IDS

Is Afghanistan a Republic of NGOs?, 21 March 2022, VOA News

Clashes and Contraband – What do we know about smuggling and conflict?, 12 May 2022, Department of International Development, London School of Economics

Book Launch: The Routledge Handbook of Smuggling, 3 May 2022, IDS Public Event

Taliban justice, 8 September 2021, Radio Free Europe

Interview: Wirtschaftsschatz der Taliban? Nicht nur Opium, 1 September 2021, NTV

Podcast: Wieder was gelernt, 1 September 2021, Wieder was gelernt, NTV

TV Interview: BBC Newsday, 31 August 2021, BBC News (UK) and BBC World News

Interview: Was bedeutet die Taliban-Herrschaft für die Mehrheit der Afghanen?, 28 August 2021, Studio 9, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Interview: Wie kommen die Taliban in Afghanistan zu Geld?, 26 August 2021, Echo der Zeit, Radio 1, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

Interview: Lage in Afghanistan, 19 August 2021, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

Interview: Afghanistans Wirtschaft und die Taliban, 19 August 2021, Wirtschaftswoche

Interviews: BBC Radio (interviews on various stations, including Newcastle, Derby, CWR, Oxford, Somerset, Solent, Cambridgeshire, 3CR, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire), 16 August 2021

‘All we want is safety for our children’: postcard from Afghanistan, 13 August 2021, Evening Standard

Interview: Die Taliban erobern Afghanistan, 12 August 2021, Newsplus: Der tägliche News-Podcast von SRF, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

Interview: BBC 5 Live Breakfast, 12 August 2021

Interview: Wer finanziert die Taliban in Afghanistan? 10 August 2021, Radio 1, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

Misreading Afghan ethnic conflicts cost two decades and trillions of dollars, 14 July 2021, The Hill

Why the Taliban agreed to let more girls in Afghanistan go to school, 6 January 2021, Monkey Cage

Taliban Courts Seek To Undermine Afghan Judiciary, 14 December 2020, Radio Free Europe

Book Review: Conflict and Transnational Crime: Borders, Bullets and Business in Southeast Asia by Florian Weigand, 21 September 2020, LSE Review of Books

With U.S.-Taliban talks in tatters, Afghans brace for bloody elections, 28 September 2019, NBC News

Interview: Die Taliban – die heimlichen Herrscher Afghanistans? 20 February 2019, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)